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Wazazi Mother Care 2018

Still, Health care providers, and Wazazi Mother Care are well poised to help women evaluate pregnancy apps, which can empower patients and facilitate patient/provider communication.

When patients educate themselves, they provide themselves with the best healthcare, because they can identify specifically where they need help.

What we do as Wazazi Mother Care is helping consumers pick useful apps for their specific needs. For example, fertility apps that allow women to enter the length of their menstrual cycles or that calculate menstrual cycle length will be more accurate than apps that use a generic 28-day cycle.

Choosing apps can be collaborative. Physicians can encourage patients to download an app during an antenatal visit. This informal data collection by the apps helps health care providers advise other patients about the apps that are most popular among their clients and also store patient timely information vital in providing the right health care. It allows physicians to connect with the patients in a way that had not been able to in the past.

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