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Pregnancy is a risky transition that brings about many changes in a woman’s body especially for first time pregnant mothers. Worldwide, approximately 800 women die daily due to pregnancy related complications and child birth. Furthermore, in 2010, 287000 women died of the same complications with 99% of these death occurring in low resource settings. Most of these deaths are attributed to lack of access to antenatal care.

The costs of accessing the ANC services are unaffordable to many mothers. These include high fees for the necessary laboratory tests, drugs, consultation fees in case of private health facility, items to facilitate delivery such as gloves among others. Even when the Antenatal Care Services are offered free of charge (especially in government health facilities), the associated costs that facilitate access to these services such as transport still remain a constraint as much as several global initiatives have been undertaken towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whose initiatives are designed to eliminate poverty and preventable deaths. Currently there is a strong focus on health improvement especially; reproductive health, maternal health and reducing maternal and child mortality and doesn’t pay attention to the everyday financial constraints pregnant mothers go through to access antenatal care service hence the need for a “WAZAZI MOTHERCARE APP”

Wazazi mothercare app is a USSD /android app to run on all mobile devices service that has been created to erase two essential barriers to quality antenatal services as detailed below. This app will use the available mobile money infrastructure.


Lack of finances to cover both direct and non-direct medical costs during gestation period

With Wazazi mother care app, we want to in-calculate the culture of saving among pregnant mothers and community at large. We want them to understand that pregnancy can be a risky venture that needs financial preparation.

Lack of information pertinent during the gestation period

This will be another added service to wazazi subscribers. Since pregnancy is a new biological change in a woman, it brings a lot of new changes in their lives which they have to quickly adjust to thus information for this new change is needed. Wazazi mother care app will avail basic health information relevant during gestation period.
It will also be automated to estimate the date of giving birth to reduce on emergency births in homes or in absence of qualified personnel.
It will also be in position to send reminders for the next antenatal visit to the subscribers.


  • Save money and have access to it at the next antenatal visit, to cater for necessary costs.
  • Get reminders on the next date of antenatal visit.
  • Get reminders on the date of delivery to prepare mothers for safe delivery at a health center.
  • Get health information reminders pertinent during pregnancy.

Time line for app development

What has been done.

  • The software has been patented.
  • Pilot study done on selected mothers
  • The app is being refined and modified.

In pipeline

  • Lauching the mobile app.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with other stakeholders
  • Running beta testing.
  • Roll out the system to general public.
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